Ship BALCLUTHA, tugboat, and fireboat, Golden Gate, CA

silver print

USA, CA, San Francisco
8.00 x 10.00 x 0

Silver print; ship BALCLUTHA with tug and fireboat just after passing Golden Gate Bridge; Bal (rock) Clutha (Clyde River) is ancient Gaelic word for the site of Dumbarton, the town where the original owner, Robert McMillan, had his home. BALCLUTHA was launched in Scotland in 1886, the 147th vessel by the firm of Chas. Connell & Co., engaged in Cape Horn Trade 1902 - 1930; and in 1933 was an exhibition ship as PACIFIC QUEEN. In 1954 she was bought by the San Francisco Maritime Museum Association and given her original name. 256.5' x 38.6' beam x 22.7', depth 1689 gross tons; l.o.a. 301'.


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