Model of Blue Line diesel tugboat DEWEY

full model

Gray, E. (Capt.)
wood; textile; metal; painting
23.75 x 40.00 x 9.50

Model of Blue Line diesel tugboat DEWEY, built by Captain E. Gray, 1948. (Original was built at Milford, Delaware, 1910, steam, to run between Philadelphia and New York. Rebuilt 1940 with 600 hp diesel motor; approx. 100' LOA; 124 gross tons; Homeport New Haven, CT, owned by New Haven Towing Company, which is associated with James McWilliams Blue Line, Inc. and well known in Bridgeport, Norwalk, Port Jefferson, Greenpoint and Plum Island.) Model is copper below, black above with yellow stripe, green and gray deck. Fenders crocheted by Capt. Gray, who was also talented musician with violin.


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