Decorative half model of yacht EVELYN

decorative half model

0 x 42.00 x 3.13

Decorative half model of the steel hulled steam yacht EVELYN, four lifts below waterline, one lift for topsides, with added rail and superstructure. Complete with pilot house, cabin, nameboard, funnel and lifeboat. Possibly missing some canopy stanchons on aft section of cabin. Painted white with red bottom, varnished superstructure, red funnel. Mounted and mahogany backboard with wood inlay. Minor damage to lifeboat and railing at bow. Scale is 1/2 inch to the foot. EVELYN, steel hull steam yacht, blt 1892 at City Island, N.Y., 43.4 gr., 28.1 net tons, 75.4 x 13 x 6.5. Owned by John R. Hegeman, Jr. Last reg'd 1899.


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