Floating derricks hoisting pipe launching ways

gelatin glass negative

Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Co.
USA, NY, New York, The Narrows; USA, NY, New York, Staten Island
overall: 5 x 7 in.

Gelatin glass negative of Merritt & Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Co.; no negative number visible; floating derricks hoisting pipe launching ways; see "Black Horse of the Sea" caption page 18, "This great Pipe Skid, suspended over the bow of the derrick, is laying subaqueous water mains under New York Bay for the Narrows Siphon supplying Staten Island. A good view of the Skid appears on page twenty-three. This patented device eliminates a vast amount of divers work. It aids in smoothing the bottom, assuring thereby both vertical and horizontal alignment.".


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