commemorative cup

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Two-handled glass cup by Vernay commemorating: "The Sixteenth International Race for The America's Cup" is engraved around the top. On the cup: "ENDEAVOR II"/ (with British ensign and Royal Yacht Squadron pennant (in enamel.) At left "DEFENDER/ HAROLD S./ VANDERBILT/ NEW YORK/ YACHT CLUB/ YACHT/ CONTENDER/ T.O.M. SOPWITH/ ROYAL YACHT/ SQUDRON (sic)/ YACHT/ ENDEAVOUR II./ " Below: "THE ROYAL. YACHT. SQUADRON. TROPHY/ COMPETED. FOR 22ND AUGUST 1851 WON/ BY N.Y.Y.C. SCHOONER. YACHT AMERICA." Handles are in form of dolphins. On reverse: RANGER/ with American ensignia and N Y Y C pennant in enamel. At left: WINNERS OF/ 1870 MAGIC/ 1871/ 1876 MADELEINE/ 1881 MISCHIEF/ 1885 PURITAN/ 1886 MAYFLOWER/ 1887 VOLUNTEER/ 1893 VIGILANT/ at right: PREVIOUS RACES/ 1895 DEFENDER/ 1899 COLUMBIA/ ....see main card 2 for more.


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