Repairing catboat MASCOT at Thunderbolt, GA, January 17-21, 1913


Plummer, Henry M. Sr.
USA, GA, Thunderbolt
1913-01-17 - 1913-01-21
3-1/2 x 5 in.

Snapshot by Henry M. Plummer, Sr.; January 17-21, 1913, Thunderbolt near Savannah GA, "For three days we have been very busy at ship duties. H [Henry M. Plummer, Jr.] has spent the time in the bosun's chair using scraper and varnish brush a little and swearing much."; from "The Boy, Me and the Cat", by Henry M. Plummer, Sr., cruise in 24 ft. catboat MASCOT from New Bedford, MA, to Miami, FL, October 1912 to June 1913. Caption from display panel 1964.36.4. RESTRICTED, FOR RESEARCH ONLY.


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