Plating half model of World War I steamer

plating half model

USA, CT, Groton
0 x 104.00 x 6.50

Builder's plating half model of World War I screw steamer built at the Groton Iron Works, Groton, Conn. Laminated pine construction, varnished, with construction details in black ink. Model has raised fo'c'sle and poop, single screw, and is mounted on pine backboard. Model has scratch on starboard quarter. Backboard has old screw holes, traces of white paint on edge. Probably model for series of steel screw steamers built for the U.S. Shipping Board n 1919-1920: HARTFORD, WORCESTER, NAMEAUG, QUINNIPIAC, MERRY MOUNT, TOLLARD, blt. 1919 at Groton, Conn. by Groton Iron Works. All steam turbine powered.

HARTFORD steamer; WORCESTER steamer; NAMEAUG steamer; QUINNIPIAC steamer; MERRY MOUNT steamer; TOLLARD steamer

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