UNIDENTIFIED: Double paddle canoe, Design #57

plans set

Herreshoff, L. Francis; Hopps Boat Yard
1933-08-01; 1947-12

23 sheets of plans for 16 ft. double paddle canoe, UNIDENTIFIED (built 1947), design #57 by L. Francis Herreshoff. Dates on plans range from 08-01-1933 to 12-1947. Plans were initially published in Rudder magazine's "How to Build" series in September, 1947.
Ships plans list for DESIGN #57, CATALOG # 38.2:
Plan Description of Plan, Scale Date
No. on Plan
2 Deck plan and profile, 1 ½” = 1’ Aug 1933
Half section @ sta. 3 & sta. 5, full size
3 Stern and bow profile, full size Aug 1933
Half section @ sta. 8, “
4 Half section, after bulkhead, sta. 11, full size Aug 1933
Half section, sawn frame, sta. 13, “
Detail of hatches in deck, “
5 Special double paddle, full size Dec 1947
6 Canoe back rest detail, 1’=1’ ---

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