"Watching for the Steamer" and "The CITY OF TOKIO Steaming up the Bay"


Cozzens, Frederic Schiller
USA, CA, San Francisco Bay
October 25, 1879
6.75 x 9.13 x 0

Wood engravings from Oct. 25, 1879 issue of "Harper's Weekly" showing 2 San Francisco scenes. At top, "WATCHING FOR THE STEAMER." showing crowd, possibly on Telegraph Hill. Lower scene is a bow view of "THE 'CITY OF TOKIO' STEAMING UP THE BAY." through the Golden Gate, accompanied by tugboat RESCUE and other steamers. Signed "F. S. COZZENS" lower left. This probably documents arrival of U.S. Grant, who was on world tour at this time. CITY OF TOKIO (steamship, bu. 1874, Chester, PA, by John Roach & Son; owned by Pacific Mail Steamship Co.); RESCUE (bu. 1875 at San Francisco)


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