Model of Tugboat VIRGINIA S. PARK

sailing model

marad; models
Chapman Brass
wood; metal; oil paint; textile; rubber; plastic
28.00 x 53.00 x 11.00

Sailing model of New York Harbor type steam tugboat VIRGINIA S. PARK built to 1/2" scale from Boucher 1/4" scale plans; wooden with metal fittings and capable of live steam or electrical operation; black hull with red bottom and superstructure, natural deck, gray trim, black funnel with red "V" outlined in white; rope fender at bow, three rubber tire fenders on each side; appears to have been originally steam powered, later electrified; complete with padded wood storage base; includes electric motor, 20 feet of electrical tether control line, homemade control box; fictitious vessel. [2" brass propeller made by Chapman Brass, NYC; steam whistle taken from another model; loose raft belongs on pilot house roof; aluminum stacks].


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