Van Blerck display, New York National Motor Boat Show, 1925

nitrate negative

Rosenfeld and Sons
nitrate negative
overall: 10 x 8 in.

10x8 nitrate negative photographed by Rosenfeld and Sons at the New York National Motor Boat Show, New York City, New York, in January, 1925. Image is an overall view of the Van Blerck engine display showing a very large engine in the foreground with the signage: "United States Navy Type / Marine Van Blerck Engines / 4 - 6 : 8 & 12 Cylinders / 40-400 Horsepower / Slow & High Speed". On the left side are various machine parts on a display table. To the right is a partial view of a Johnson display. Two signs on the back wall read: "PERFORMANCE / There's only one thing to say about the performance of a Johnson Motor - GET INTO THE BOAT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF". The second sign to the right states: "PORTABILITY / The Johnson Standard Twin / The Lightest Motor per Horsepower" and also something about the Johnson Single Cylinder which is not legible. To the right is a partial view of a utility with a Johnson "Model JC-25 Single" outboard. Typed info. on neg. sleeve: "21289 / Motor Boat Show 1925 / Van Blerck / [Box] 1367-21". CREDIT LINE: Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection.


Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection

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