Commercial building at 699 Broadway Avenue and West 4th Street, Manhattan, 1931

glass negative

Rosenfeld and Sons
USA, NY, Manhattan
emulsion on glass
overall: 10 x 8 in

10x8 glass negative photographed by Rosenfeld and Sons November 17, 1931of a commercial high rise building at the corner of 699 Broadway Avenue and West 4th Street, Manhattan, New York. Many shops and companies are housed within this large nine story building. Signs on corner of building from top to bottom: "GALLERT MFG. CO. / BELTS", "MARKOWITZ BROS. / MARBRO MAKE / MB / FANCY VESTS / CLOTHING SPECIALITIES", "699" / "LEIBOWITZ & CO. / M'FRS OF CLOAKS AND SUITS", "F. MEUER & CO. / M'FRS OF OSTRICH FEATHERS / AIGRETTES AND PARADISE", "HARRIS & BERNSTEIN / 25(cent) NECKWEAR", "M. FREUDENBERG / MAKER OF / JEWELRY AND NOVELTIES", "Raths & Keller". Signs on building on Broadway Avenue side top to bottom: "J. MARROW-ROSE CO.", "M. FREUDENBERG", "699 COMMERCIAL BUILDING", "CHAS. ZIMMERMAN / OFFICES AND LOFTS TO LET / INQUIRER OF YOUR OWN BROKER." Signs on building on West 4th Street side read from top to bottom, "FLOWERS / J. MARROW / FEATHERS", "NOVELTIES / M. FREUDENBERG / JEWELRY". On street level to the left, same building, "WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH & CABLE OFFICE", an unidentified restaurant, "PETER COUGHLIN / COMMERCIAL PRINTING". "FANCY FEATHERS / CHARLES WEISKER & CO. / FANCY FEATHERS", "C. THALHEIM CO. / FEATHERS / FLOWERS". On the street itself is a horse drawn carriage with the sign says, "HORTON'S ICE CREAM". On the corner of the building across the way to the left a sign states, "F. BLUMENTHAL & CO. / IMPORTERS". The five story building to the right of 699 Broadway, is numbered 701 Broadway and has business signs that stateS, from top to bottom, "ARTIFICIAL LIMBS / WITH PATENT / RUBBER HANDS & FEET / A.A. MARKS". The business building to the right of number 701 is number 703 Broadway and has business signs on the front that read, from top to bottom, "SIGNS & NOVELTIES / BINGER'S HOME OF IDEAS / 703 BINGER 705 / SHOW CARDS / ADVERTISING / SPECIALTIES" and on street level, "N.N. LEO & BRO. TAYLORS", "POSTAL TELEGRAPH / COMMERCIAL CABLES / POSTAL TELEGRAPH CABLE CO." Partial view of next building on the right advertises on the side" H.B. ROSENTHAL & CO. / YOUNG MEN'S BOOT'S & CHILDREN'S PANTS", "LEO. GOODMAN & BROTHER. / MEN'S NECKWEAR.", "COHEN & LANG. / MAKERS OF ELK BRAND CLOTHING / FOR YOUNG MEN, BOYS & JUVENILE", "J. SAMUELS & BROS. / MENS WORSTED SUITS", "PREISS BROS. / RAINCOAT SPECIALISTS". Other views of partial signs to the right. Typed information from 3x5 Rosenfeld index card: "Bldg. at 699 Broadway / Neg. 512 / Box 42 / Pos. 9". Handwritten neg. sleeve info.: "512 / 699 Broadway / Box 42-9." CREDIT LINE: Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection.


Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection

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