"North End of Gatun Locks, Facing the Atlantic Side, With Dredges at Work in the Canal in the Distance, Panama Canal"


Keystone View Co.
PANAMA, Panamá, Canal de
overall: 3-1/2 x 7 in.; image: 3-1/8 x 6 in.

Stereograph mounted on gray board with rounded corners; photograph of construction of the Panama Canal, north end of Gatun Locks, facing the Atlantic side with dredges at work in the distance, 1913; printed on left "Keystone View Company/ Manufacturers Publishers" and "Copyright, 1913, by/ Keystone View Co. Made in U.S.A."; printed on right "Meadville, Pa., New York, N.Y., Portland/ Oregon, London, Eng., Sydney, Aus."; printed on bottom right "21725 - North End of Gatun Locks, Facing the Atlantic/ Side, With Dredges at Work in the Canal in the/ Distance, Panama Canal."; handwritten on back "A"; printed on back "21725 - North End of Gatun Locks, Facing the Atlantic Side, with Dredges at Work in/ the Canal in the Distance, Panama Canal./ We are now looking north toward the/ Atlantic ocean. The camera was focused in/ the same 90 foot lighthouse tower on the/ lock-wall, but turned in the exact opposite/ direction to what it was in taking view/ 21720. In the foreground are to be seen/ the lock-gates of the first two double locks;/ the third one is shown in view 21720, and/ the three together raise the incoming vessels/ a distance of 85 feet from Limon Bay to/ the waters of Gatun Lake./ In the immediate foreground is shown/ the curvature in the construction walls,/ which represents their elevation at this/ point, necessitated by the lock raise of some/ 28 feet. The other offset of this kind may/ be noticed between the second and third/ lock gates. At first glance this second drop/ in the wall surface gives the erroneous im-/ pression that the walls have been changed/ from their true straight course to one in-/ clining to the left of the view. From this/ view, also, we get an idea of the immensity/ of the construction work when we note the/ three car tracks, laid temporarily for the/ quick and efficient handling of material./ In the distant estuary of Limon Bay are/ seen hydraulic dredges in action. Their/ operation is described in view 21745./ Copyrigth 1913 by The Keystone View Company."


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