"Seattle (distant) and harbor from Great Northern Docks, Washington"


Underwood & Underwood
USA, WA, Seattle
overall: 3-1/2 x 7 in.; image: 3-1/4 x 6-1/8 in.

Stereograph mounted on gray board with rounded corners; photograph of Seattle in the distance and the harbor taken from the Great Northern dock in the foreground, cargo ships (?) at dock; printed on left "Underwood & Underwood, Publishers/ New York, London, Toronto-Canada, Ottawa-Kansas."; printed on right "S315"; "Works and Studios ~/ Arlington, N.J. Westwood, N.J." and "SUN SCULPTURE/ UU/ TRADE MARK"; printed on bottom right "9873 - Seattle (distant) and harbor from Great Northern Docks, Washington./ Copyright by Underwood & Underwood, U-104558"; printed on back "9873. Geography. - We are looking over the/ docks and harbor of Seattle, Washington. This city/ has a fine water-front on Puget Sound, a huge bay in/ the northwestern part of the State of Washington./ Products and Industries. - The commercial advant-/ ages of Seattle are remarkable. By water there is/ regular steamship connection with the Orient, with San/ Francisco, and with Alaska. Lumber, grain and coal/ are shipped to all parts of the world. The city is the/ centre of trade for numerous small steamers, called/ the mosquito fleet, which ply to all the ports of Puget/ Sound. An immense business in cedar shingles and/ lumber has been developed and shipments by rail ex-/ tend to the Atlantic coast./ An appropriation has been secured from the United/ States Government to construct a canal connecting this/ sound, through Lake Union, with Lake Washington./ The lake is about twenty-five miles long and does not/ freeze in winter. Vessels can scour their bottoms in/ fresh water there and save docking expenses. The/ canal would supply a land-locked harbor which would/ be of great value to the Government in connection with/ the dry dock at Port Orchard. A contract has also/ been entered with the State by a private company for/ a canal south of the city./ History. - Seattle was named for an Indian chief and/ was founded in 1852. It remained a village until 1880./ An important episode in the early history was the pro-/ tection of the Chinese by a vigilance league. In 1910/ the inhabitants of Seattle numbered 237,194./ Refer again to this view when considering Physiography, Zone/ Life, Transportation, Political, Social and Economic History of/ America, Cities and City Life." and "Seattle and harbor from Great Northern Docks, Wash./ Seattle et le port des quais du Great Northern, Wash./ Seattle und Hafen von den Grossen Nordlichen Docks/ aus, Wash./ Seattle y su puerto, desde los muelles 'Great Northern,'/ Washington./ Seattle och dess hamn fran Great Norther dockorna,/ Wash./ (Russian script, same text)."


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