Grounds and buildings of Sailors Snug Harbor


USA, NY, New York, Staten Island
after 1801
paper; albumen print
overall: 10 x 12 in.; image: 7-5/8 x 9-5/8 in.

Photograph, albumen print mounted on white board; photograph of the grounds and buildings of Sailor's Snug Harbor; numbers and letters printed by buildings; printed on bottom "THE FAMOUS SAILORS SNUG HARBOR AT STATEN ISLAND, WHICH IS MORE RICHLY ENDOWED HAN ANY OTHER INSTITUTION OF ITS KIND IN EXISTENCE"; "The eight houses occupied by inmates are known by letters A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H. Fig. 1 Main Gate; 2 East Gate, pass from the Doctor's residence; 3 Church; 4 Music Hall;/ 5 Chaplain's Residence; 6 Chapel; 7 Vegetabel Storage; 8 Mortuary; 9 Mechanics Departments; 10 Laundry; 11 Matron's Residence; 12 Conservatory;/ 13 Hospital; 14 Sanitarium; 15 Home for Seamen's Children; 16 South Gate, pass to the Cemetary; 17 Stables and Barn;/ 18 Power House; 19 Residences of Employees; 20 Governor's Residence; 21 Steward's Residence;/ 22 West Gate driveway; 23 Harbor Dock; 24 Boat House; 25 Bath House;/ 26 Fish Pond; 27 Band Stand." and "THIS PHOTOGRAPH COVERS-/ AN AREA OF 250 ACRES"; printed on back "SAILORS SNUG HARBOR/ FOUNDED BY/ CAPT, RR RANDALL/ IN THE YEAR 1801". From 1861-1917 papers of Lorenzo L. B. Latham (captain, grocer, and resident of Sailor's Snug Harbor NY).


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