"4th July 1878 Regatta and Excursion to Albany", Saugerties Rowing Club

regatta poster


Cameron & Co. Steam Job Printers
USA, NY, Saugerties; USA, NY, Albany
overall: 41 x 28-7/8 in.

Poster, regatta poster with red and blue lettering advertising a regatta and excursion to Albany, sponsored by the Saugerties Rowing Club, vignette on top of steam boat underway, vignette on bottom of two rowers in skulls; printed on top "4th JULY 1878/ REGATTA/ AND/ EXCURSION TO ALBANY/ UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE/ SAUGERTIES ROWING CLUB/ TWO STEAMERS, S. O. Pierce and Mills, with Barge Sarah Smith/ Have been secured, so as to ensure quick sailing time and give room and comfort to the Excursionists./ GRAND GALA DAY IN ALBANY. PARADES AND BOAT RACES./ $2000 IN PRIZES/ THE SAUGERTIES FOUR to be in the Race A HEAT OF TWO MILES./ A Band will acccompany [sic.] the Barge, also Music for Dancing on Board/ Refreshments on board at moderate Prices. SAUGERTIES TO ALBANY IN FIVE HOURS./ The Boats and Barge will leave Saugerties at 7. A. M. landing at Walden 7.30, Germantown Dock, 7.50, Catskill 8.20, Athens, 9.00, Coxsackie,/ 9.45, Returning at the close of the Races, leaving Albany, 5. P. M. arriving at Saurgerties [sic] 10. P. M./ FARE for the round trip . . ONE DOLLAR/ CHILDREN OVER ["over" scratched out] 10 HALF PRICE./ The S. R. C. purpose to make this Excursion the most enjoyable affair of the season. It will be a delightful sail, giving to all a view of the/ upper Hudson, with its Verdant Groves and fine Villas. Two of the most superior Boats are to accompany the Barge, thus avoiding all delays./ The various Committees will be designated by Badges and Officers will be on board to preserve order and commit all disorderly persons./ Cameron & Co. Steam Job Printers, 57 Ann Street, N. Y."


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