BOLERO, #134, and other racing vessels, New York Yacht Club Cruise, 1954

safety negative

Rosenfeld, Morris
safety film
4 x 5 x 0 in.

4x5 safety negative photographed by Rosenfeld and Sons in 1954. Image of 56' Sparkman & Stephens, Inc. designed, Henry B. Nevins, Inc. built auxiliary cutter NIMROD V (built 1938 in City Island, N.Y.), 71.5' Sparkman & Stephens designed, Quincy Adams Yacht Yard built auxiliary yawl WINDIGO (built 1937 in Quincy, Mass.), 73.5' Sparkman and Stephens designed, Henry B. Nevins built auxiliary yawl BOLERO (built 1949 in CIty Island, N.Y.), 57' Sparkman & Stephens designed, Simms Brothers built auxiliary yawl ARGYLL (built 1948 in Dorchester, Mass.), 57' Luders sloop yacht JULIE (built 1950 in Stamford, CT), 52' Carl A. Alberg designed, Simms Brothers built auxiliary yawl SAGOLA (built 1948 in Dorchester, MA) and 70' Sparkman & Stephens designed, Henry B. Nevins built 12 meter class sloop VIM (built 1939 in City Island, N.Y.). Visible in image: starboard bow views of NIMROD V (77), WINDIGO (175) flying Walter Gubelmann's private signal- white swallowtail with blue outline, and two interlocking red and blue links in center-flying from mizzenmast, BOLERO (134) flying John Nicholas Brown's private signal-white swallowtail with two blue vertical lines and a star in the center-flying from mizzenmast, ARGYLL (125), JULIE (280), SAGOLA (128) and VIM (12/15), as well as other unidentified sloops and yawls, land in background. CREDIT LINE: Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection. For more information see: SLEEK, text by John Rousmaniere, p. 103 and 119. Handwritten on negative sleeve: “Start” and stamped: "142423F / N.Y.Y.C. 1954 / 5373".


Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection

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