"Inner-Space" Explorers by Electric Boat, Division of General Dynamics

advertising poster

Electric Boat, Division of General Dynamics
USA, CT, Groton
after 1960-05-11
overall: 17-1/4 x 11-1/4 in.

Advertising poster; "Inner-Space" Explorers by Electric Boat, Division of General Dynamics; poster with profiles of six nuclear-powered submarines, USS SEAWOLF (built 1955), USS NAUTILUS (built 1954), USS SKATE (built 1957), USS SKIPJACK (built 1958), USS TRITON (built 1959), and USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (built 1959), and a diagram and explanation of how an atomic powered submarine operates; printed on front "'Inner-Space' Exploreres", followed by submarine profiles and short descriptions; "HOW AN ATOMIC POWERED SUB OPERATES", with accompanying diagram, and "Underway On Nuclear Power", followed by short description of the nuclear submarine era; back features illustrations of historical submersibles; printed on back "ALEXANDER THE GREAT/ DIVING BELL 300 B.C.", "USS HOLLAND 1900", "DAVID BUSHNELL'S TURTLE/ 1776", USS GEORGE WASHINGTON - SSB(N) 598/ WORLD'S FIRST FLEET BALLISTIC MISSILE SUBMARINE", ROBERT FULTON'S SUBMERSIBLE/ 1800", "THE HUNLEY/ 1863" and "GD/ GENERAL DYNAMICS/ GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION/ ELECTRIC BOAT DIVISION/ GROTON, CONNECTICUT".


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