S. S. PRETORIA circa 1903


USA, NY, New York
heavy card
3-1/2 x 5 in.

Color lithographic postcard with black and white photographic insert; white flagpole with blue and white flag against blue-green background; flag has anchor and shield in center, shield bears the letters "H. A./ P./ A. G."; below flag is black and white photograph , port view of German steamship PRETORIA; printed below "Hamburg-Amerika-Linie/ S. S. "Pretoria"."; handwritten below "Dear Charles:/ I shall take care/ not to give W. Cassidy/ [illegible]"; addressed to "Mr. C. E. Schlachter/ 503 Manhattan Ave./ N. Y. C"; stamped and postmarked "NEW YORK, N. Y. STA. J/ FEB 7/ 3-PM/ 1903" and "NEW YORK, N. Y. STA. K/ FEB 7/ 9-PM/ 1903"; card has been cut.


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