"Hell Gate Bridge, East River, New York City"

color photographic postcard

Manhattan Post Card Publishing Company; Underhill, Irving
USA, NY, New York
3-1/2 x 5-1/2 in.

Color photographic postcard; printed at top "HELL GATE BRIDGE, EAST RIVER, NEW YORK CITY." and lower right "(c) by Irving Underhill, N.Y." printed on back "MANHATTAN POST CARD CO., 114 PARK ROW, N. Y. CITY." Caption printed on back "HELL GATE BRIDGE, NEW YORK CITY/ Hell Gate Bridge, crossed Hell Gate, Ward's Island, Randall's Island, Bronx Hills, to New York, and is the longest steel arch bridge in the world. Length 1,000 feet, height 200 feet, weight 80,000 tons, concrete towers 200 feet high. Cost $14,000,000."


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