Group photograph with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and an unidentified man at Ruppert's Brewery Restaurant, Manhattan, New York, 1940

black-and -white negative

Rosenfeld and Sons
USA, NY, Manhattan
safety film
4 x 5 x 0 in.

4x5 safety negative photographed by Rosenfeld and Sons on April 27, 1940. Image of Bill "Bojangles"Robinson, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and an unidentified friend at the Jacob Ruppert Brewery taken in the Bier Stube (known as the "Tap Room") located on the 6th floor of the Brew House Extension, Building E, Manhattan, New York. Visible in image: Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and friends in three piece suits stand at the bar raising glasses of beer. Behind the gentlemen on the wall is a mural with several shields with the names Amsterdam, New York, Knickerbocker and Ruppiner. There is also a statue of a medieval king with a raised beer glass in his right hand in background. This is King Gambrinus, legendary king of Flanders (Belgium) and in folklore, the patron saint of beer and beer brewing. Typed on original negative sleeve: “55679 4/27/40 / 2579-14 / The Ruppert Brewery- 1639 - 3rd Ave, City / Mr. Sutton Group with Rochester-Bill Robinson“. CREDIT LINE: Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection.


Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection

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