Steamship, unidentified, ca. 1916

black-and -white negative

Rosenfeld and Sons
ca. 1916
emulsion on glass
5 x 7 x 0 in.

5x7 glass plate negative photographed by Rosenfeld and Sons ca. 1916. Image taken most likely in New York harbor of a long shot of an unidentified steamship, under power, port beam view. Vessel has 2 funnels, 2 steadying masts, and a flag at the stern that may be of France with a dark/light/dark vertical arrangement. In the distant background are buildings. No original negative number. Handwritten negative sleeve info.: "Mr. Poole / Aquitania[sic] (crossed out) / [Box] 276". This is not AQUATANIA as she had 4 funnels. Videodisc address: 3-39428. CREDIT LINE: Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection.


Mystic Seaport, Rosenfeld Collection

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