"Aboard a Lake steamer loading with iron ore by chutes from gigantic docks, Duluth, Minn."


Underwood & Underwood
USA, MN, Duluth
overall: 3-1/2 x 7 in.; image: 3-1/4 x 6-1/8 in.

Stereograph mounted on gray board with rounded corners; photograh of Duluth, Minnesota ore dock on left loading iron ore by chute to lake steamer in center, two men in foreground, one with pipe; printed on left "Underwood & Underwood, Publishers/ New York, London, Toronto-Canada, Ottawa-Kansas."; printed on right "S234"; "Works and Studios ~/ Arlington, N.J. Westwood, N.J." and "SUN SCULPTURE/ UU/ TRADE MARK"; printed on bottom right "7959-(c) -Aboard a Lake steamer loading with iron ore by chutes from gigan-/ tic docks, Duluth, Minn. Copyright Underwood & Underwood, U-85702"; printed on back "7959. Geography. - We are aboard one of the/ many freight steamers with which Lake Superior/ swarms, in the Duluth dockyard. Duluth is in Minne-/ sota on the extreme south-western shore of Lake Su-/ perior, one hundred and fifty-five miles north of St./ Paul. The harbor is entered by a ship canal, 250 feet/ wide. It is formed by Minnesota and Rice's Points;/ the former is scythe-shaped and forms a natural break-/ water, running seven miles out into the lake. These/ two peninsulas make the harbor landlocked. It has/ been imporved by the construction of many docks and/ piers./ Transportation. - After the iron-ore has been mined/ in the principal productive areas it is scooped into/ freight cars. It is dumped by them into the bunkers/ or pockets in these long docks and piers (S 203)./ After the boat has come alongside and the hatches are/ opened, these long chutes are lowered, the door at the/ top of each chute is mechanically opened and the coal/ slides down into the hatches of the ore ship. Many of/ these boats carry 6,000 tons of ore. The loading of/ 3,000 tons, if it is done in this way, takes less than/ fifty-five minutes./ Products and Industries. - There are large quantities/ of iron, copper, silver ore and bullion shipped from/ Duluth. The famous whale-back lake schooners, like/ the one upon which we stand, are largely used. They/ were invented by a citizen of Duluth and are even/ more common here than at the other lake ports./ Refer again to this view when considering People and Homes,/ Cities and City Life, Manual Training." and "Aboard a lake steamer loading with iron ore by chutes,/ Duluth, Minn./ A bord d'un vapeur des lacs chargeant du mineral de/ fer par des chutes, Duluth, Minn./ Auf einem Binnensee-Dampfer, Eisenerz mittelst ab-/ schussiger Rinnen einmehmend, Duluth. V. S. A./ A bordo de un vapor del lago que se esta cargando por/ medio de conductos. Duluth, Minn./ Ombord a en insjoangare, som lastas med jarnmalm/ medelst rannor - Duluth, Minnesota U. S. A./ (Russian script, same text)."


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