Paper advertising fan, nautical theme

advertising fan

The Newton Co.
USA, NY, New York
after 1936-08
paper; wood
overall: 11-5/8 x 7-3/4 in.

Advertising fan; rigid cardboard fan, wooden handle, affiliation with any company or product unclear, urges saving and savings accounts; top half features rainbow stretching from tree on left side to pot of gold on the right, stylized sun with rays emanating from center, bottom half features square-rigged vessel off shore with man sitting on a log on the beach in the foreground; printed across top on the rainbow "A SAVINGS ACCOUNT STARTED AT THE AGE OF TWENTY WILL BE YOUR POT OF GOLD AT FORTY/ THERE COMES A TIME TO EVERY ONE FOR NEED FOR READY CASH. YOUR SAVINGS BANK WILL HAND IT TO YOU/ A SAVINGS ACCOUNT IS A FOUNDATION ON WHICH TO PLAN YOUR FUTURE/ MONEY IN A SAVINGS BANK IS THE WHEREWITHAL TO GO INTO BUSINESS, TAKE A TRIP OR GET MARRIED", followed by proverbs about saving on the rays of the sun; printed on bottom "DON'T WAIT FOR YOUR SHIP TO COME IN/ TOO MANY NEVER REACH PORT/ Get busy, hustle and save, and be independent at fifty. The proverb says/ Don't wait for your ship to come in: he that lives on hope will die fasting./ COPYRIGHT - THE NEWTON CO., NEW YORK, N. Y."; printed on bottom left "© U.R.C."; printed on bottom right "MADE IN U.S.A."; printed on back "HANDLE PAT. NO. 2052180" (Note: This patent number was issued in 1936;; referenced May 2007).


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