Bror Tamm checking YANKEE's solid mizzenmast

black-and-white photograph

USA, MA, Neponset
circa 1935
overall: 8-3/4 x 11-3/4 in.

Photograph; black-and-white photograph of Bror Tamm checking YANKEE's (built 1930) solid mizzenmast; inside "Harvey's Shed" or the boatshop at the George Lawley & Son Corporation yard in Neponset, MA, background has several small launches built for HI-ESMARO (built 1929), near background has YANKEE's triangular boom and spinnaker boom, middleground has Bror Tamm checking YANKEE's transatlantic solid mizzenmast and possibly attaching a strap to it, foreground has YANKEE's 1930 boom; handwritten on back " 'HARVEY'S SHED'/ (BOATSHOP)./ CONVERTED TO MOULDLOFT - 1940/ FOREGROUND: YANKEES' - 1930 BOOM/ MIDDLEGROUND: MR TAMM CHECKING YANKEES'/ TRANSATLANTIC SOLID MIZZENMAST/ NEAR BACKGROUND: #1 1930/ YANKEES' TRIANGULAR BOOM - USED VERY LITTLE/ SUBSTITUTED BY #1 RECTANGULAR #2 BOOM 1930/ NOTE: SPINNAKER BOOM ALONGSIDE [TRIANGULAR] BOOM./ FAR BACKGROUND: LAUNCHES BUILT FOR/ M.Y. 'HIESMARO' ".


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