Flatbed truck with small boats stacked on back

black-and-white photograph

Alves Photo Service
USA, MA, Neponset
overall: 4-1/8 x 6-1/2 in.

Photograph; black-and-white photograph of a flatbed truck with small boats stacked on back; winter with snow on the ground, flatbed truck cab is facing forward, bed is sideways, bed has several small boats stacked on top of each other with packing blankets between as cushions, bottom boats are on cradles, snow is on ground, buildings are probably part of George Lawley & Son Corporation; stamped on back in black ink surrounded by box "FROM THE FILES OF/ BROR TAMM/ QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS/ U.S.A."; stamped in black in surrounded by box "SUPER-SNAPS/ Registered/ JAN 6 1938/ ALVES PHOTO SERVICE".


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