Postcard with photograph of man in small boat, possibly Bror Tamm

black-and-white photograph postcard

Denmark, Storebælt
before 1912
overall: 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 in.

Postcard; black-and-white photograph of a man in a small boat, possibly Bror Tamm; overhead view of boat, man is holding double paddle wearing cap and sweater with a burgee insignia on the chest, possibly the same boat as 2002.94.283 and 2002.94.284, large piers in background; handwritten on back, letter in Danish from Bror Tamm to his brother, Flemming (?) Tamm in South Paris, ME; printed on back "Brevkort./ (CARTE POSTALE)" and "FROM THE FILES OF/ BROR TAMM/ QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS/ U.S.A."; two cancelled stamps for 5 krone each, cancelled from Nyborg. Mounted on cardboard with 2002.94.284 and newspaper clipping (in correspondence file).


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