Blue chart chest


after 1800
wood; rope
overall: 12-1/4 x 49-3/4 x 14 in.

Chest; Blue chart chest; from the collection of Captain Richard C. Mears (1829-1899); large chart chest, body painted blue, with an unfinished pinewood top, featuring dovetail construction, and an open interior, with two brackets used to open and shut lid, and handwriting on top of the lid reading "115/ G4" in black; wooden brackets on either side of the chest to hold handles, on the right side of the chest, the handle is made of two pieces of rope (one thick and one thin), while on the left side, there is only one piece of thick rope for a handle; on the left side is a tag tied to the wooden bracket, as well as a paper label nailed to the corner of the chest; handwritten on tag "Cook/ Baltimore" (though second word is possibly something different); printed around top of tag's loop hole "Deninson ?g CO USA"; handwriting on front of piece of paper nailed to chest is illegible due to fading, though what looks like a handwritten "R.C. Mears" is possibly at the top, while the reverse side is printed "FROM [?] . MALO?/ EXPRESS,/ Office in A.N. Rankin's Store, 26 South Street.,/ NEW YORK."


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