Retractable pencil


before 1867
gem stone; gold
overall: 3-1/8 in.

Pencil; Retractable pencil; from the collection of Captain Richard C. Mears (1829-1899); miniature Victorian era retractable pencil; small, thin body, with a larger gold head, set with a flat-topped gem stone (most likely amethyst); head unscrews to load pencil with lead; body is six sided, with small decorative etchings; pencil meant to retract with a built in slide; small loop attached, to be worn on a chain; originally was a gift for Sarah Ann Goodsell (mother of Nellie Goodsell Mears, and second wife of Captain Richard C. Mears) by her Aunt Huldah Grannis; after Sarah Ann Goodsell's death, pencil was in possession of her sister, Myra Goodsell, who in turn gave it to Nellie Goodsell Mears (her niece), as described in a letter dated February 3, 1885.


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