"The Whale, Texas Canyon"


USA, AZ, Tucson
no later than 1954
overall: 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 in.

Postcard; "The Whale, Texas Canyon"; postcard from Texas Canyon in Arizona; front image is a color photograph of a large rock resembling a whale; back of postcard divided in half; print of the divider reads "NATURAL/COLOR CARD" the top, and "PUBLISHED AND DISTRIBUTED BY BOB PETLEY, PHOENIX, ARIZONA" running down the center; printed at the top of the left side on postcard back " THE WHALE, TEXAS CANYON/ The erosive powers of nature have/ formed here a striking likeness/ of a huge whale moulded in rock."; printed at bottom of left side "K227"; printed at bottom of postcard back below the "divider" is "COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY BY STAN DAVIS"; handwritten on left side of postcard back "We can only conclude/ that at some time, Charlie Sayles must/ have been out in/ this part of the/ world./ Merry Xmas/ Dick + Doris"; handwritten on right side of postcard back "Mr. + Mrs. Edouard Stackpole/ Marine Museum/ Mystic/ Conn."; stamped in ink on center of card by US postal service "TUCSON/ DEC 22/ 4 PM/ 1954/ ARIZ."; there is a partial piece of a red 2¢ stamp which at one point featured the image of John Adams, as well as "UNITED/STATES/POSTAGE/ JOHN/ ADAMS/ 1797-1801/ 2 CENTS 2"; stamped in ink over where postage stamp was on right side of postcard back is what most likely would have read fully "FIGHT TB/ SUPPORT YOUR/ TB ASSOCIATION"; stamped in ink at the bottom (below address) "DEC 27 1954", though most of date is almost completely partially stamped.


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