"Whalers fitting out"


Hugh C. Leighton Co.
USA, MA, New Bedford; USA, ME, Portland; Germany
circa 1904
overall: 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 in.

Postcard; "Whalers fitting out"; From the Eduard Stackpole Collection; front of postcard has a hand-colored photographic image of several whaling ships docked in New Bedford, MA; image takes up almost entire front of postcard, except for a small vertical strip of white on the right side (7/8 inches wide); small black blemish in white section on front; printed at the bottom of the front "Whalers fitting out, New Bedford, Mass."; printed at the top of the back of the postcard is "Post Card."; in the upper right hand corner is a box where the postage stamp would be placed; printed inside of this box "Place the Stamp Here/ One Cent for/ United States, and/ Island Possessions,/ Cuba, Canada and/ Mexico/ Two Cents/ For Foreign."; printed running along the left edge of the back of the post card "H.C.Leighton Co., Portland, Me. Manufacturers of Postal Cards. Made in Germany. No1052"; printed running along the bottom of the back of postcard "This side is for the address."; printed across center of back are three dotted lines for writing an address on.


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