Launching of WEATHERLY

composite photograph

overall: 13 5/8 x 10 5/8 in.

Composite photograph of three images on one side and two images on the verso. The top image on side one is of Arnold D. Frese, Henry D. Mercer, Arthur Knapp, Jr., and Cornelius S. Walsh standing under WEATHERLY's stern in the Luders shipyard. The second image is of Mrs. Douglas D. Mercer breaking a bottle of champagne over WEATHERLY's bow. Philip L. Rhodes, Mrs. Henry D. Mercer and others are looking on. The third image shows Arthur Knapp, Jr., Cornelius S. Walsh, Henry D. Mercer, Mrs. Douglas D. Mercer, Arnold D. Frese, Mrs. Henry D. Mercer and Philip L. Rhodes. The top image on the verso shows WEATHERLY on the ways; the bottom image shows WEATHERLY after her launch. Many people are watching from a dock and from spectator boats.


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