composite photograph

overall: 13 5/8 x 10 5/8 in.

Composite photograph of two images on one side and one image on the verso. The top image on side one is of Mrs. Henry D. Mercer, Henry D. Mercer at WEATHERLY's wheel , and Mrs. Douglas D. Mercer. The second image is of the crew of WEATHERLY posed on deck. Back row, left to right: Ivan Simko, Robert Johnson, Pierre S. du Pont IV, Douglas Mercer, Robert Chapin, Phillip H. Rhodes, Thomas Hatteberg, Warwick Tompkins, Jr., John B. Nichols; bottom row: Victor A. Romagna, Edgar Raymond, Jr., Arthur Knapp, Jr., Frank R. MacLear, Carleton Mitchell. This image is identical to 2008.33.86-89. The image on the verso shows WEATHERLY under sail, with the crew hanging off the weather rail.


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