Photograph album of guano trade, Peru, 1862

photograph album

Peru, Lima; Peru, Chincha Islands
November 01, 1862
9-1/2 x 13 in.

Photograph album, bound with black leather, embossed in gold on cover "VISTAS Y MONUMENTOS/ DE LIMA", and on spine "VISTAS/ Y/ MONUMENTOS/ DE/ LIMA/ E. GARREAUD/ Y.C ia"; holds albumen prints; guano trade; written inside front page is dedication to Charles W. Austin, captain of the ship VALENTIA, signed by his fellow Masons on November 1, 1862, commemorating the VALENTIA's rescue of crew of brig NUEVO SERAFIN, signed "John Robertson, ? Barclay, Thomas Mitchell Cartney, H.M. Reynolds, MD, Richard Jones, David N. Hall, R ? Harding, John Campbell, William G. Allen, C.W. McLoon, ? Burrsler, R.G.F. Candage, Charles F. Musans, Henry Thomas James, John Williams, Edward Graves, Charles Fanley, P.S. Corbett, T.C. Parsons, J.F. Mason, M. Cruickshank, Charles Perry, J.F. Cooke, Thomas Mitchell, John McClintock". See "Great Guano Rush" by Skaggs. Fragments of paper the length of the spine indicate that some pages may have been cut out of the album before its arrival at MSM.


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