safety negative

Mitchell, Carleton
Atlantic Ocean
July 1952
2.25 x 2.25 x 0

Safety negative by Carleton Mitchell, photographed July 2-24, 1952, during the R.O.R.C./R.B.Y.C Transatlantic Race from Bermuda to Plymouth, England; view of A.E Nichols wrapping wire around a repair mend in the mizzen staysail halyard which had frayed from chafing aloft; Richard H. Bertram assists by holding the rope taut; on the yawl yacht CARIBBEE; for other views of the Transatlantic Race 1952 on CARIBBEE see 1996.31.4339-4438; handwritten on original envelope '4576', corresponds to original Mitchell contact; REF: "Passage East" by Carleton Mitchell (1953).


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