Dyer Dhow Class yachts (7 ft. 9 inches)


Dyer Dhow Class one-design centerboard catboats come in a variety of sizes. The Dyer Dhow 7'9" sloop was designed in 1946 by W.J.H. Dyer. Dimensions were: 7'9" x 0 x 4' x 3" (with centerboard up). Sail area of 35 sq. ft. Sail logo: the letter "D" superimiposed on the letter "D". Not originally designed as a class boat but due to the great popularity in the U.S. was designated as such by the 1970's. Construction material originally was wood and then fiberglass starting in 1949. Principal builders: The Anchorage, Inc. of Warren, Rhode Island and Grampian Marine, Ltd. Of Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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