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TitleObject TypeMakerDate MadeAccession
Scrimshaw tooth, soldier and sailing vesseltooth1957.711View
Scrimshaw tooth, theatrical scenescrimshaw tooth1997.76.9View
Scrimshaw tooth, three womenscrimshaw tooth1997.76.11View
Scrimshaw tooth, tropical scenetooth1939.1743View
Scrimshaw tooth, two womentooth1939.1722View
Scrimshaw tooth, two womentooth1939.1799View
Scrimshaw tooth, two womentoothClark, B. H.1947.1376View
Scrimshaw tooth, two women and a sailortooth1947.1654View
Scrimshaw tooth, womantooth1939.1728View
Scrimshaw tooth, womantooth1939.1735View
Scrimshaw tooth, womantooth1939.1803View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman and birdtoothF. G. L. (?)1939.1741View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman and girltoothAllen, Charles H.February 18501984.4.11View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman and Indiantooth1939.1800View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman and shiptooth1989.105.189View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman and shiptooth1939.2298View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman and shiptooth1973.435View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman and shiptoothSizer, William III1957.681View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman at tabletooth1950.1714View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman combing her hairtooth1939.1736View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman holding fantooth1939.1757View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman playing lyretooth1939.1806View
Scrimshaw tooth, woman with umbrellatooth1939.1801View
Scrimshaw toothbrush inlaid with baleen and tortoiseshelltoothbrush1939.1918View
Scrimshaw tusk from bark Romon of New Londontusk18561991.120.1View
Scrimshaw tusk with patriotic motifswalrus tuskFinney, Nathaniel Sylvester1957.702View
Scrimshaw tusk, Alwilda the Female Piratewalrus tuskPenniman, Edward18551957.870View
Scrimshaw tusk, figure of a girltusk1973.422View
Scrimshaw tusk, figure of a girlwalrus tuskFinney, Nathaniel Sylvester1957.706View
Scrimshaw tusk, figure of a mantuskMontague, James1939.1876View
Scrimshaw tusk, figure of a manwalrus tusk1971.47View
Scrimshaw tusk, girl jumping ropetusk1973.421View
Scrimshaw tusk, woman wearing theatrical costumewalrus tusk1959.607View
Scrimshaw Underjaw of Porpoisedolphin jaws1975.6.ABView
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, portrait of General William T. Shermanwalrus tuskFinney, Nathaniel Sylvester1860-18791957.705View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, "Old Nick in a Cowl"walrus tuskHaskins18541947.1428View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, boy and womanwalrus tusk1954.1204View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, figure of a womanwalrus tuskMontague, James1939.1869View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, figure of a womanwalrus tusk1939.1879View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, figure on horsebackwalrus tusk1945.265View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, girl and manwalrus tusk1954.1203View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, hunting scenewalrus tuskCirca 18791976.9View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, hunting scenewalrus tuskCirca 18791976.8View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, man and womanwalrus tusk1939.1865View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, man reading a letterwalrus tusk1939.1868View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, man standing on rockwalrus tusk1947.1341View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, naval officer and naval battlewalrus tuskPerry, William1957.588View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, paddle-wheel steamer, man and womenwalrus tusk1947.1345View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, patriotic vignettes and figureswalrus tuskFinney, N. S.1957.704View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, portraits of George Washington and Ulysses S. Grantwalrus tuskFinney, Nathaniel Sylvester1945.266View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, theatrical scenewalrus tusk1997.76.12View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, whaling scenes, shipmaster, womantuskJune 19, 19401973.445View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, woman and dogwalrus tuskMorgan, Nathaniel SaxtonCirca 18501984.112.2View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk, woman with riding cropwalrus tusk1939.1867View
Scrimshaw walrus tusk,woman and childwalrus tusk1939.1878View
Scrimshaw whale toothtoothHuggins, Samuel, Jr.1939.859View
Scrimshaw whale toothtooth18501960.587View
Scrimshaw whale tooth by "J. M."toothJ. M.1939.1754View
Scrimshaw whale tooth, "Battle of Lake Champlain - M'Donough's Victory"toothFinney, Nathaniel Sylvester (attributed to)Circa 18481941.412View
Scrimshaw whale tooth, "Battle of Lake Erie Perry's Victory"scrimshaw whale toothFinney, Nathaniel Sylvester (attributed to)Circa 18481941.411View
Scrimshaw whale tusk, portrait of Martha Washingtonwalrus tuskFinney, Nathaniel Sylvester1957.703View
Scrimshaw whalebone busk decorated with vignettes, inscribed "18 CHARLES HEWIT LYME CON 40", "100 BBLS" and "SEA"buskHewit, Charles18401939.1915View
Scrimshawed bracelet made by Josiah RobinsonbraceletRobinson, Josiah1941.297.11View
Scrimshawed tooth of ship at seaScrimshawed tooth on stand2004.71.6.ABView
Scrimshawed tooth of urn on tabletopScrimshawed tooth2004.71.2View
Scrimshawed tooth of whaling sceneScrimshawed tooth2004.71.5View
Scrimshawed tooth of woman in a dressScrimshawed tooth2004.71.3View
Scrimshawed tooth of woman in dressScrimshawed tooth2004.71.4View
Scrimshawed whale tooth of sailor with flagScrimshawed whale tooth2004.71.1View
Sealing clubsealing clubCirca 18651933.26View
Section of toothToothbefore 18602007.12.20View
Shell arrangement from Madison,Wisconsinshell arrangement20th century2004.57View
Shellwork anchorshellwork anchorMatthews, L. Victoria18851957.100View
Shellwork frameshellwork frame1996.23.44View
Shellwork pincushionshellwork pincushion1976.15View
Ship's Clock by Seth Thomasship's clockThomas, Seth1813-18591941.375View
Sloop SCRIMSHAW, #231, Off Soundings 1963black-and -white negative; safety negativeRosenfeld and Sons19631984.187.174416FView
Sloop SCRIMSHAW, #231, Off Soundings 1966black-and -white negative; safety negativeRosenfeld and Sons19661984.187.181511FView
Sperm whale toothToothbefore 18622007.12.13View
Sperm whale tooth engraved by Capt. Benjamin W. Bradford.toothBradford, Benjamin W.Circa 18321982.2View
Sperm whale tooth engraved with Daniel McKenzie geneology.toothMcKenzie, Daniel Jr. ?after 18341981.64.19View
Sperm whale tooth, standing man, dressed chickentooth1957.707View
Squirrel cage swift.swift1941.514View
Starboard Broadside View of Whaling Bark on Scrimshawed Pan-Bonephotograph1973.899.296View
Start, Star Class race, Larchmont Race Week, Long Island Sound, 1951black-and -white negativeRosenfeld and Sons1951-07-211984.187.130289FView
Steel screwdriver with turned ivory handlescrewdriver1986.94.194View
SUSAN's toothtoothMyrick, FredFebruary 23, 1829L.1971.384View
Swagger cane, scrimshawedcane1963.1547View
swordfish bill swordswordfish bill sword1957.230View
Swordfish bill, carved and painted with ocean linersswordfish bill carved as broadsword1985.22.2View
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